Timeshare Processor

  • Tours Vacation Rentals Travel
  • Release / Deed Transfer Services
  • High Volume High Ticket
  • MOTO / Card Not Present (CNP)
  • Resale Reseller Sales Solutions

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Credit card processing

  • Time Share Business
  • E-Commerce Company
  • Mail/Phone Orders
  • Retail and Mobile Swipe
  • Security
  • Wireless
  • Payment Processing FAQ

Payment Processing Service for Travel Industry

High Risk Payment Processing Services has helped thousands of timeshare related businesses get a merchant account. Our goal is to make it a simple process giving you great customer service with edge cutting technology, and supplying you with a budget-friendly pricing for all your credit card processing needs.

Virtual Terminal Gateway Options

  • Authorize.Net USAEPAY NMI
  • Friendly to Timeshare Related Industry
  • Recurring Billing and Invoicing
  • Mobile Swipe and MOTO Merchant
  • High Risk Payment Processor
  • Ecommerce Tools for Startups